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Data Policy

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Data Policy

For Your Information

Greenwich 2000 Limited (hereinafter referred to as Greenwich2000), are developing the Greenwich2000 websites . You are the user of this service, which is provided freely, and in good faith. Please see our legal page.

This is the Data Policy provided for your information:

Please note than any website can collect and analyse this information and no special interrogation of your computer is necessary. We provide this policy for your information and awareness. (All names are fictious and used for illustration purposes only)

  • When you arrive at the site the following information is collected.
  1. Your "user address". This initially consists of a series of numbers e.g. 123.456.123.456. This is converted to more meaningful data which can consist of:
  • Number only returned (I.E. no name data)
  • Details of Internet Service Provider (ISP) (e.g.
  • Geographical territory (e.g. or From this data it is possible to determine which geographical territory you are located - assuming that you are dialling into a local provider.
  • Organisational data (e.g. or This reveals that you may work or are a student at a particular organisation.
  • Personal data (e.g. or Some companies, educational establishments and ISPs allocate fixed sessions to named individuals some of which may relate to real or chosen names.
  1. How you arrived at the site. This might be:
  • That you typed in the site address (URL) directly.
  • That you arrived from a "book-mark" in your browser.
  • That you have arrived from a link at another (internal or external) site.
  1. The date and time you request each page. Time is also specified as an offset from GMT.
  2. How much data was downloaded and if the transaction was aborted and, if so, for what reason.
  3. The type of browser and the operating system used on your system.  Other details about your system may be obtained depending on the information passed by the browser you are using.

This data is collected and retained for 2 purposes:

  • The data may be passed on to advertisers or advertising agencies so that targeted advertising can be provided to you.
  • The data will be analysed for marketing purposes to improve the quality of information provided and the target audience viewing the site. It is the intention to monitor overall trends and statistics and there is no intention to provide "data mining" facilities so that individuals and their behaviour can be monitored unless such information is required by lawful authorities.

It is our policy not to sell specific data. Although overall analysis may enter the public domain. It will never be presented in such a way that individuals or their behaviour can be identified.

For your protection Greenwich 2000 Limited is registered under the Data Protection Act of the United Kingdom. Registration number: Z7674346

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