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Awards and media coverage

Where the World comes...

The Greenwich 2000 sites are used as a reference source for the media world-wide. As a consequence the site has been widely covered.

These are just some of the links and media coverage we have been made aware of. Journalists from Sydney to Saigon, Sweden to San Francisco (and places in between) have contacted us. If you are preparing a feature about any one of the  Greenwich2000 sites then please advise us in advance; we will prepare a special welcome for your readers / listeners / viewers.

Thank you

Welcome to The Japan Times Online

"Greenwich 2000 is chockfull of interesting information and the perfect place to browse away free time before we enter the new millennium "
Japan Times 15 October 1997



3 Aug 98

TIME Magazine - Millennium Travel Feature

31 Mar 98

YAHOO: 3.5 star rating for Millennium Fun

21 Jul 97

Featured on MSNBC on cable across the USA on the nightly programme: "The Site"

20 Jun 97

The (London) TIMES features Greenwich 2000 as part of the Millennium Dome feature

Jun 97

The DAILY TELEGRAPH features Greenwich 2000 coverage of the history of Henry VIII

Jun 97

The LA TIMES covers the Greenwich 2000 Millennium coverage

12 Apr 97


5 Apr 97

Cyber Times in The NEW YORK TIMES covers Greenwich 2000 and its TIME coverage

11 Feb 97

Luckman - 4 Star Award - Greenwich2000 featured on CD-ROM

5 Feb 97

BBC Radio 3 links Sounding the Century series to Greenwich2000

22 Jan 97

Virgin Radio cross-linkage.

21 Jan 97

AOL - Site of the Day (USA)

Jan 97

Electronic (Daily) Telegraph - Various links to Millennium Exhibition features

Jan 97

Earth & Sky programme - Broadcast on over 800 radio stations throughout the USA and on numerous international networks, including Voice of America.

11 Jan 97

Britain in the USA - ( British Embassy in Washington DC.)

10 Jan 97

Expressen (Swedish newspaper)

9 Jan 97

Canada AM CTV Television Network across Canada

6 Jan 97

PRN Radio Network and affiliates Radio network across USA

5 Jan 97

Médaille d'Or

4 Jan 97

USA Today - weekend edition - Top feature

4 Jan 97

Cool Site of the Hour

Dec 96

Web of Culture

5 Dec 96

The Guardian New Media Group magazine Shift-Control

Dec 96

Creative Wonders - Educational CD-ROMs - World Reference - Hotlink

10 Nov 96

The Sunday Times (London)
Innovation - 3 sites selected each week

30 Oct 96

IBM Net - Main Feature


Excite 3 star site


Magellan 3 star ( Green light - Family rated)




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